Solicitor Information

Title 147 Peddling and Soliciting – Also known as the “Solicitation Ordinance” of Lower Makefield Township states that a license is required and no person shall engage in soliciting or peddling in the Township of Lower Makefield without first having been granted a license as herein provided.

For a complete listing of the ordinance go to, move your cursor over “Township Information” and then click on “Code Book”.

Below is a SAMPLE picture of the permit (for profit and Non-Profit) that is issued by the police department, after a background check has been conducted on the applicant(s). The ‘for profit’ permit will have a facial photo of the individual and information relating to the applicant’s vehicle on the back, if one is used for the purpose of soliciting in Lower Makefield Township.

       Lower Makefield Twp. residents should ALWAYS ask any solicitor at their door for Township issued identification for soliciting. Do not do business with any solicitor that cannot produce a valid permit. Additionally, please call the police dispatcher (215-493-4011) so our patrols can check them out.

Valid permits may be obtained for up to one(1) year . The expiration date is prominent on the permits.

The applicant(s) must complete the application (found under the "FORMS" section of our website), provide a passport type photo, and the results from a criminal record check from the Pennsylvania State Police. Non-profit groups are exempt from the fee, but should still complete an application.  Please call the office at 215-493-4055 for more information.







NOTE:  As of 7/8/14, the following Solicitors have had the permits revoked, and will not be eligible for permits in the future.  Any contact with this company should be called into the Police immediately (215-493-4011):

*  Power Windows and Siding.

List of Solicitors with Township Permits (as of 3/20/19):


LIST SORTED BY ISSUE DATE   (expirations vary from 1 month to 1 year)

2019-010 Kristen Weaver Clean Energy 3/20/2019 4/20/2019
2019-009 Timothy Taggart Verizon Fios 3/19/2019 4/19/2019
2019-008 Iryna Rodriguez Green & Clean 3/19/2019 3/19/2020
2019-007 Nkechinyelu Onejeme Clean Energy 3/4/2019 4/4/2019
2019-006 Brian Nelson Clean Energy 3/4/2019 4/4/2019
2019-005 Elijah Hill Clean Energy 3/4/2019 4/4/2019
2019-004 Christian Bermudez Clean Energy 3/4/2019 4/4/2019
NON-PROFIT William Wagner Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT James Woodend Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Catherine Doherty Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Naif Littles Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Jessica Casale Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Matthew Limbach Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Michael Massey Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Haley Nystrom Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
NON-PROFIT Ian Louda Clean Water Action 2/19/2019 2/19/2020
2018-047 Sinia Parker Golden Youth Program, Inc. 12/3/2018 12/3/2019
2018-046 Edgar Ford Golden Youth Program, Inc. 11/8/2018 11/8/2019
2018-043 David Greer Comcast 8/16/2018 8/16/2019
2018-042 Jamir Brown Vivint Solar 8/1/2018 8/1/2019
2018-041 Kai Richardson Vivint Solar 7/25/2018 7/25/2019
2018-040 Abdelhalim Jebrin Jack & Jill 7/24/2018 7/24/2019
2018-039 Joseph Kazanjian Linda's Water Ice 7/2/2018 7/2/2019
2018-038 Debra Breen Keller Williams 6/19/2018 6/19/2019
2018-036 Brett Barker Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-035 Jake Adams Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-034 Kason LaPointe Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-033 Alberto Flores Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-032 Stephen Steiner Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-031 Andrew Johnson Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-030 Tarryn Kahl Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-029 Brenden Yockey Aptive Environmental 5/23/2018 5/23/2019
2018-015 Cody Jammer Jammer Doors 03/28/2018 03/28/2019