Highway Patrol Unit


The Lower Makefield Township Police Department’s Motorcycle Unit or more commonly known as and referred to as the “Highway Patrol Unit” was established in 2008. Five officers were selected and attended a rigorous two week motorcycle handlers training course at the Philadelphia Police Academy, located in the Far Northeast section of Philadelphia. The department has a total of four marked “wheels”, Harley Davidson motorcycles that were purchased with the assistance of Philadelphia attorney Jimmy Binns, who is a long time supporter of the law enforcement profession in the Delaware Valley and South Jersey regions.

When assigned to ride their motorcycles, officers ride in pairs of two and they have become a very proactive part of the patrol division. The unit’s primary function is for traffic enforcement of the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle code. But the motorcycles can be used for other duties ranging from escort duty to participating in parades to traffic control; they’re use is wide ranging. The use of the motorcycle is also beneficial to the taxpayer, there is less wear and tear on the typical patrol vehicle and less gas is used; a savings for both the township and the residents.