Animal Control Officer

As part of its public safety commitment to its residents, Lower Makefield Township retains the services of an Animal Control Officer (ACO). The ACO’s duties are coordinated through, and in conjunction with, the Police Department.

The ACO, Jamie Fazzalore, has been performing those duties for Lower Makefield Township for 5 years. She has extensive training in the Animal Control field. Animal Control training includes; animal control and capture, self-protection, dart gun training, and bite stick training among others. She is trained and certified by the National Animal Control Association.

The Animal Control Officer Duties include enforcing the Lower Makefield Township Ordinances related to dogs as well as the Pennsylvania Dog Laws.

• Dogs Running-at-large
• Leash Law
• Dog Nuisance
• Dangerous Dogs/Dog Bites
• Lost Pets (Dogs/Cats)
• Verifying PA Dog Licensing/Rabies Vaccinations (3 months or older)

Dog licenses may be purchased from the County Treasurer.

Tips on your lost pet:

• Call the police dispatch number (215-493-4011) once you realize you pet has escaped
• If you live along a township border, also alert that neighboring police department.
• Call the Bucks County SPCA (215-794-7425), your pet may have been taken there.
• Chipping AND registering your pet greatly increases the chance of a successful  return.

The LMT ACO DOES NOT handle (by statute nor ordinance):

Wildlife issues (including skunks, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, possums, deer, fox, coyote etc), whether on your property or in your home. A Wildlife Removal Specialist should be contacted if you have those issues.

The exception to this would be if the wildlife became a public safety issue as in; injured, distressed, or a visibly rabid animal, then the ACO and/or the police may be involved.

To contact LMT ACO Jamie Fazzalore, you may email her at or call Police Headquarters at 215-493-4055.

If you are reporting an animal control problem that requires immediate assistance, please contact County Police Dispatch at 215-493-4011.