Special Operations Commander, Lt. Robert Bugsch


Lieutenant Bugsch has been a member of the Bensalem Police Department since 2003. He is currently in command of Special Operations section of police operations. 

Special Operations Section consists of several specialty units within the Bensalem Police Department. The units include Traffic Safety Unit which includes Motor Patrol and Accident Investigation, SWAT, Police K-9 and Honor Guard.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Lieutenant Bugsch spent 9 years as a sergeant, in the Special Investigations Unit and supervising the Motor Patrol Unit.  As an officer, Lieutenant Bugsch was part of Motor Patrol as a motorcycle officer and a field training officer. Lieutenant Bugsch began his police career in 1996 in sunny Arizona.

Lieutenant Bugsch is currently on staff at the Montgomery County Police Academy and the Temple University Police Academy. In his part time, he instructs new police cadets in various subject matters at both police academies, preparing them for a career in law enforcement.

Lieutenant Bugsch holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.  He is also a graduate of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Unit Commanders Academy in El Paso, TX and Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.