Criminal Investigation

The Bensalem Township Criminal Investigations Unit is comprised of two sergeants, 12 detectives and one officer assigned to the Pennsylvania State Police Auto Theft Task Force.

The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all serious crime that occurs in within our township. These crimes include theft, fraud, identity theft, burglary, robbery, arson, sexual assaults, crimes against children, internet crimes and murder. Along with the investigations of these crimes, the unit is also responsible for processing all crime scenes within the township. Detective personnel are all trained as crime scene investigators and one of our detectives has been recognized as an expert in this field. Additionally, members of the unit have specialized training and expertise in areas of interview and interrogation, fingerprint examination and identification, DNA processing, arson investigation and cell phone technology.

For further information about our unit or information regarding criminal activity, please contact Sergeant Joseph Blickley at 215.633.3725, Sergeant Adam Kolman at 215.633.3729 or Lieutenant David Richardson at 215.633.3745. Information can also be given anonymously through our tip line at 215.633.3660.