Warrington Township Police Department wants to help its residents suffering with a substance dependency.

What is BPAIR? Bucks County Police Assisting in Recovery

Our primary goal is to connect people with substance use disorders with treatment programs and facilities.

BPAIR is now operational and Warrington Township residents battling addiction now have a helping hand to assist them. BPAIR is an active program aimed at helping people deal with opioid and other drug addictions by connecting them to a treatment provider.  Law enforcement agencies across the country have been confronted by the consequences of drug addiction and the toll it has on their community. In the past, the only way for police to help those suffering from addiction was to arrest them.  BPAIR changes that.   We have partnered with several treatment centers to ensure that those seeking help will receive an assessment by a drug and alcohol professional.

So how does BPAIR work? Any Warrington Township resident struggling with substance abuse can walk into the Warrington Township Police Department and ask for help.  The participant will then be transported to a nearby treatment center for an assessment.  Township residents can also ask an Officer for help or call the Warrington Township BPAIR hotline at 215-343-3311.  If the participant has drugs or drug paraphernalia on them and it’s is turned over, the participant WILL NOT be arrested, charged with a crime, or jailed. 

An exception to the program would be if the participant is found to have an active warrant. The individual would be taken into custody and would be welcome to return once they have taken care of their legal matters.

Have a Child Age 12-18 with an Alcohol or Drug Problem?  If your child refuses treatment, there is another option, called ACT 53.  (See link below)

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