About Us


It is the mission of the Warrington Township Police Department to provide a safe a secure environment for the citizens and visitors of Warrington Township. We will strive to provide the highest quality police service possible with the goal of protecting lives and property and maintaining order while forming a partnership with the community.  We pledge to enforce all the laws fairly and impartially while working within the framework of the United States and Pennsylvania Constitutions.  Members of the Warrington Township Police Department will at all times conduct themselves in a highly ethical manner that will ensure the highest level of trust from the community we serve.

The Patrol Division of the Warrington Township Police Department is made up of the men and women in uniform who you see patrolling your neighborhoods every day. They have all taken a solemn oath and are sworn to protect your lives and your property, to maintain the peace and good order, to enforce the law, and to promote a general feeling of well-being and confidence in your government. The Patrol Division is the largest division and is the backbone of the police department.

The Detective Division of the Warrington Township Police Department is responsible for the follow-up investigation of all serious crime that occurs in within our township. These crimes include child abuse/neglect, burglary, robbery, arson, and murder. Along with the investigations of these crimes, the division is also responsible for all crime scene evidence including DNA, crime lab, fingerprint submissions and cell phone downloads.

The Highway Unit of the Warrington Township Police Department dedicates their shift to enforcing the PA traffic laws, conducting traffic studies, and handling the motor vehicle and aggressive driving complaints received from the public in the and on targeted enforcement areas within the township. The Highway Unit assists patrol officers on major accident investigations.

  • Warrington Township Police Department also has 3 Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) inspectors attached to the Highway Unit. The MCSAP officers are federally certified truck inspectors that conduct safety inspections on Commercial vehicles.
  • Motorcycle officers also attached to the Highway Unit were established in 2002. The Warrington Township Police Department currently has 4 police motorcycles. Motorcycles officers are a high profile unit that participates in memorial services as well as community and special events in addition to the operations of maintaining public safety.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program of the Warrington Township Police Department, places law enforcement officers in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining safe, secure, and orderly learning environments for students, teachers, and staff. SROs represent a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools.

The SWAT unit of the Warrington Township Police Department is attached to the South Central Emergency Response Team (SERT) with other officers in southern and central Bucks County. These officers are highly trained in the area weapons, tactics, and are used to defuse any high risk situation that may arise. Each unit member maintains a high level of readiness that is ready to go when called upon.

Warrington Township Police Department currently has officers attached to the Bucks County Mass Incident Response Team (MIRT). Officers are trained in crowd control and civil disobedience incidents.  They are summoned as a county team around the region for large scale events like the recent papal visit.