Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)


90 % of the police department has been specially trained in dealing with persons having behavioral issues and are Bucks County CIT officers.  Officer Richard Hackman is currently assigned to the Bucks County Task force to help promote collaboration between Bucks County Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health Organizations, Behavioral Health Advocates, and County Government, and to provide a forum for effective problem solving.  The Crisis Intervention Team CIT is an innovative first-responder model of police-based crisis intervention with community, behavioral healthcare, and advocacy partnerships.  The CIT model was developed in Memphis some twenty years ago and has spread throughout the country.    CIT is a jail diversion program designed to improve the outcomes of police interactions with individuals whose behavior is influenced by mental illness, substance use, mental retardation and related conditions.  Officers learn to recognize psychiatric distress and other conditions and how to de-escalate a crisis — avoiding officer injuries, consumer deaths and tragedy for the community.