Township Businesses/Restaurant/Public Gathering Protocols

Social Distancing in Public Parks and Trails March 21, 200

Lower Makefield Township is doing its part to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Following the guidance of our National, State and Local government we are promoting social distancing. We have closed athletic fields, tennis, picklelball, volleyball and basketball courts by removing rims and nets and locked any fenced in area. We do understand that park space is essential to health and wellness so we promote use in a safe way. Please use the following guidance when using parks and open space. Any group of people using parks outside of these limitations will be asked to leave or separate by the LMTPD.


Moratorium on Shut Offs (click link for larger image) March 16, 2020



Preventative Measures for Businesses and Facilities that Hold Large Public Gatherings March 12, 2020

What businesses and facilities that hold large public gatherings should do as preventative measures?

  1. Actively encourage sick employees and attendees to stay home.
  2. Emphasize respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene by all employees.
  3. Perform routine environmental cleaning using CDC approved products, especially before and after events.
  4. Hold events outdoors whenever possible.
  5. Allow adequate space between event attendees (6’ preferable).
  6. Pre-notify event attendees of respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene and CDC guidance.
  7. Pre-screen event attendees for potential exposure.
  8. Keep a list of event attendees for future notification of possible exposure.
  9. Report any suspected exposures and direct any questions or concerns to Lower Makefield Twp. Police/Emergency Management at 215 493-4055.
  10. For emergencies, call 911