Youth Aid Panel


The Newtown-Makefield Youth Aid Panel is a joint panel that combines Newtown Township Police Department, Newtown Borough Police Department and Upper Makefield Township Police Department.  The current program is comprised of eight panelists and three police liaisons.

The Youth Aid Panel empowers the community to participate in problem solving by offering alternative programs of restitution and community service, for first-time juvenile offenders in the Newtown Area. Offers the first-time offender a second chance to avoid a criminal record and helps to make the offender understand the seriousness of his/her actions, as well as, the effect their crimes have on their victims and the community as a whole. The Panel meets on an as needed basis, at the Police Building.

Newtown Township Police Department Police Liaison:  Sergeant Robert J. Lupinetti:  215-579-1000 ext 207 or email:

Newtown Borough Police Department Police Liaison:  Corporal Sean P.  Orr:  215-860-7835 or email: 

Upper Makefield Township Police Liaison:  Officer Robert Fuchs:  215-968-7835 or email: