Scam Alert: Newtown Police Phone Number Spoofing



Newtown Township, Pa -  On December 13, 2019, a Newtown Township resident responded to Police Headquarters to report that she had been contacted by an individual representing themselves as being affiliated with Federal Law Enforcement. The individual threatened the victim with arrest if they did not cooperate and make various payments in the form of gift card payments, totaling over $14,000. At one point during the victim's interactions with the scammer, the victim was told that they would receive a telephone call from the Newtown Township Police to confirm their legitimacy. Shortly thereafter, the victim received another call displayed on their caller ID as coming from 215-579-1000, where they further coerced the victim to provide the payments.

  • We are urging our community to be aware of this scam, especially since the Newtown Township Police Department's telephone number (215-579-1000) is being used for caller ID spoofing.

  • The Newtown Township Police Department will not contact anyone to solicit payments, in exchange for rectifying situations related to any alleged criminal charges.
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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