Glitter Device Investigation



Newtown Township, Pa - On Friday, June 5, 2020 at approximately 2:04 pm, Newtown Township Police responded to a report of a suspicious device along a residential street within Newtown Township. The owner reports an unknown package was delivered by FedEx to the porch of a residence which appeared suspicious. As a result, prior to calling police, the owner removed the package from the porch and opened it along the sidewalk outside of the location, which activated and detonated “glitter”. (This item is sold on the open market for personal messages for birthdays, graduations, etc. similar to a greeting card). There were no physical injuries reported.

This particular residence is owned by an individual that was recently (June 1, 2020) involved in an altercation and dispute over the postings of signs in Newtown Borough, and as a result, has received a large amount of social media and local media attention. The initial incident from June 1, 2020 was investigated by the Newtown Borough Police in conjunction with the District Attorney's office and summary citation charges were filed. The particular package delivered to the residence had a personalized message which indicated a close relationship to the initial incident, which placed the residents in fear for their safety. 

The Investigation is currently underway by Newtown Detectives, the District Attorney's office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

Fear and Intimidation has no place within the community of Newtown Township and a thorough and complete investigation will be undertaken to attempt to identify and arrest the offenders of this situation. 

As a public service announcement, the Newtown Police advises all residents to utilize caution when receiving packages from unknown parties, no return addresses, restrictive markings, sealed with tape, misspelled words, unknown powder, excess postage, etc.    

Please contact us by using the "SUBMIT A TIP" button at the bottom of the page or call 215-579-1000 to speak to our Detectives if you are able to provide any information regarding this case.

Friday, June 5, 2020

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