Package Theft Prevention

The holidays are among us and that means an increase in package deliveries. “Porch Pirates” will be looking for opportunities of packages being left unattended or in some instances follow delivery trucks to identify easy targets. Please refer to these safety tips to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of package theft.

  • Customize your deliveries. Contact the carrier that is delivering the package by phone or online and specify where you want the package to go if you are not able to be home for the delivery;
  • Consider an alternate destination. Use a trusted neighbor or family member as a safe location if you won't be home. If you live in an apartment complex, check with the office to see if they will accept the package on your behalf;
  • If you have the resources, purchase a motion activated security camera that will allow you to monitor what is occurring at your front door and will help us identify the thieves.
  • Send your package to FedEx, UPS, or a Post Office pick up location;
  • Request a signature and specify who can sign for it in your absence;
  • Request a vacation hold if you know ahead of time that you will be away;
  • Reroute your packages even when they are already on the way. You can contact the carrier by phone or online to change delivery locations;
  • Request them to leave your package where it cannot be seen from the roadway or sidewalks;
  • Don't leave messages about when you will be home on your door; this tells criminals when you won't be there;
  • Purchase insurance for the package if possible.

Help us keep our community safe and free from criminal activity. Please contact us if you witness suspicious activity or a crime in progress.

Emergency: Call 911

Non-emergency Dispatch: 215.328.8508

Email: police@nbtpd.org

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