Frequently Asked Questions

Is there always someone at the police station?

No. The police department is manned by clerical staff Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, excluding holidays. Officers are routinely on patrol and not at the station. Therefore, phones will generally not be answered outside of normal business hours.

How do I report a crime or an accident, or make a complaint?

If you have an emergency or observe a crime in progress, dial 9-1-1. If you have a non-emergency or are in search of information, please call 215-348-3524. The dispatcher will either help you or direct your call to the proper person or agency. 

How do I get a copy of a traffic crash (accident) report?

Traffic crash reports are available 7-10 business days after the date of the crash, unless the crash involves a fatality or is being reconstructed (allow for 30 days).  
To obtain a crash report visit

How do I get a copy of a report?

You must be the complainant (caller) to obtain a copy of investigative reports. If you are not the complainant, a court-issued subpoena is required. These reports must be obtained in person during normal business hours and proper identification is required. Requests will not be processed until payment is received.

Can I report an accident that occurred out of the township or after the date it occurred?

No. This department will not investigate a traffic crash that occurred outside of our jurisdiction, after the date it occurred or if the vehicle was moved a substantial distance from the scene. PennDot form MV-600 should be obtained for these instances and submitted by the requestor.

Where do I pay my township issued parking ticket?

Township issued parking tickets may be submitted in person at the police station during normal business hours, dropped in the mail slot in front of the police station outside of normal business hours or sent via U.S. Mail. If you do not respond to the township issued parking ticket within 72 hours, a state citation will be filed and you will incur further costs. Checks are payable to "New Britain Township Police Department."

Where do I send my traffic or non-traffic ticket?

Traffic citations and Non-traffic citations are to be remitted and/or paid for at District Court #07-2-08. The District Court office is located at 962 Town Center, New Britain, PA, 18901 (behind the shopping center at RT 202 & Lenape Drive). All questions regarding citations should be directed to District Court at (215) 230-7265.

Does the Police Department respond to animal calls?

Yes, Calls of stray dogs, or animals that appear sick/rabid and pose a threat to persons or property. All sick or rabid animals which pose a threat to persons or property should be reported. Officers will only transport stray dogs to a kennel for lodging. Dog owners will be cited for loose running dogs and/or failure to have the dog registered with the county. 

When must I have a solicitor's permit & how do I obtain one?

Solicitor's permits are required when an individual or group goes house to house or business to business without invitation, or upon the public streets or highways of the Township, engaging in peddling, canvassing, soliciting, hawking, vending, taking orders, selling, or offering for sale any commercial services, goods, wares, merchandise, printed matter, or food products. Religious & Political organizations/individuals are exempt. Solicitor's permits are issued by the Police Department and can be applied for in person during normal business hours or via U.S. Mail. Applications will not be processed until payment is received.

Do residential alarms need to be permitted or registered?

Yes, registration forms are available at the New Britain Township Police Department or online at the Township's website.

What is an abandoned vehicle and how do I report it?

Under the PA Vehicle Code, an abandoned vehicle is defined as a vehicle which,

  1. is physically inoperable and left unattended on a highway or other public property for more than 48 hours; or
  2. has remained illegally on a highway or other public property for more than 48 hours; or
  3. is left unattended on or along a highway or other public property for more than 48 hours and does not bear all of the following: (a) a valid registration plate, (b) a current certificate of inspection or (c) an ascertainable vehicle identification number (VIN); or
  4. has remained on private property without the consent of the owner or person in control of the property for more than 24 hours.

The Police Department's Traffic Safety Unit will investigate vehicles which fall under the abandoned vehicle criteria above, except for vehicles which are on private property. Removal of vehicles on private property shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner, lessee or person in control of said property. Download factsheet disposal of abandoned vehicles from private property pdf for more info