We want you to get to know our officers. Each officer now has their own baseball-style trading card with their photograph on the front and a short biography of the officer on the back of the card as well as a personal message.

Improving public outreach and positive engagement between our officers and the community we serve is not only a cornerstone of community policing in general, but also one of the most critical components of the Police Department’s overarching policing strategy.  Transparency and approachability are also essential components.  The trading card initiative is an influential way for officers to interact with Township residents and the public-at-large, particularly our community’s younger residents.  The primary goal of the initiative is to show children that our officers are friendly, helpful, and approachable, while providing the chance to get to meet police officers in the community.

Residents of every age are invited to strike up a conversation with our officers, get to know them, and collect all 14 officer trading cards. Please be mindful of not interrupting officers if they are busy with police duties such as vehicle stops or in the middle of an investigation. Feel free to wave officers down to obtain a trading card or stop by the police department at 207 Park Avenue.