Medicine Return Box


We have a Med Return box in the lobby of our Township Administration building. It is accessible during normal business hours or other times the building is open to the public. It is located in the hallway to the left of the elevator.

Proper disposal of drugs in the box:

All pharmaceutical drugs that are being disposed of need to be in a sealed container such as the original bottle or a zip-lock bag. They may not be disposed of loosely.

Personal information should be removed or blotted out with permanent marker.

                Items Accepted

                Prescriptions and over-the-counter solid medications, tablets and capsules, patches, prescription ointments, vitamins, samples and pet medicines.
              Items Not Accepted 

Hydrogen Peroxide, intravenous solutions, injectables, needles, inhalers, aerosol cans, over-the-counter ointments, lotions or liquids, medications for businesses or clinics and thermometers.

If the box is full - please do not leave any medications outside the box or attempt to force them in the drawer. Contact the police department on the 2nd floor and someone will assist you.