The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association introduced the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program to the Commonwealth in July 2001. Since then, over 300 agencies have enrolled and 96 agencies currently have attained accredited status. Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping institutions evaluate and improve their overall performance. The cornerstone of this strategy lies in the promulgation of standards containing a clear statement of professional objectives. The process culminates with a decision by an authoritative body that the institution is worthy of accreditation. On February 18th & 19th, 2013 the Dublin Borough Police Department underwent an initial on-site assessment by representatives of the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (PLEAC).

The assessment involved proving compliance with 132 standards covering all areas of police operations including arrest and detention procedures, evidence, pursuit management, constitutional protections, training, and compliance with relevant law and the “best practices” of the profession to name a few.

The initial on-site assessment was the culmination of five years of policy implementation and training to prove compliance with those standards. Attaining “Accredited” status assures that the community is receiving professional police services, improves the safety of both the community and the police officers that serve it, and reduces agency exposure to legal liability.

On April 3rd, 2013, Assessors presented their on-site assessment report to the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission in Harrisburg, PA. The assessors reported that Dublin Borough Police Department met all standards for PLEAC Accreditation and the Commission awarded the department  “Accredited” status. There are more than 1,100 police departments in Pennsylvania with only approximately 90 departments having achieved “Accredited” status. Dublin Borough Police Department is not only one of the smallest, but the only non-24 hour department to have achieved “Accredited” status. PLEAC-Accredited agencies must undergo re-assessment every three years and was re-accredited in December of 2015. 

Why Accreditation?

We go to accredited colleges and universities because we know that they have accepted and follow the standards of their profession. We go to accredited hospitals and emergency rooms for the same reason. The Dublin Borough Council, Mayor, and Police Department believes that you as a resident deserve nothing less from your police department… A police department that has accepted and follows the most modern professional police practices.