Doylestown Township Ordinance regarding Dogs in Park Areas

Due to some recent complaints, we felt it was necessary to remind everyone of the Township Ordinance regarding Dogs in the Doylestown Township Park System.  Please review the ordinance and make sure your dogs are on a physical leash while enjoying the park areas.

§ 119-11.2. Dogs. [Amended 1-16-2018 by Ord. No. 386]
A.  Dogs are permitted within the park system, but must be kept on a physical leash and under control at all times, unless otherwise authorized by a facility use permit.  Electronic/remote restraint devices are not permitted in lieu of a physical leash.
B.  Dogs are prohibited in all designated wildlife and sensitive environmental protection areas.
C.  Persons with dogs shall be required to immediately clean up and properly dispose of all fecal material.
D.  Dogs are restricted from the tennis/basketball/bocce/volleyball courts and any other areas specifically designated by the Township.
E.  Dog park use/access is limited only to registered members/dogs in good standing.