Peddling and Soliciting Ordinance

Peddling and Soliciting – General Information

Doylestown Township Code Chapter 124 regulates peddling and soliciting within the township by requiring those persons or groups of persons; not exempt from registration, to apply for and obtain a license to peddle or solicit. The police department is responsible for processing the applications and the issuance of licenses within the township.

Exemptions to the license requirement may be found under Chapter 124-6 License Exemptions

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Applications can be obtained on-line or at the police department. All Persons or groups of persons wishing to Peddle or Solicit in the township must personally appear at the police department to submit the application & fee prior to the processing and issuance of a license.

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Peddlers and Solicitors not exempt from registration and licensing are required to carry and prominently display a license issued by the township.

“No Soliciting” List

Chapter 124-14 established a “No Soliciting” List designed to prohibit all soliciting and peddling by a licensee at a registered address. Registrations are valid for a calendar year beginning January 1st and expiring on December 31st and registration must be completed annually.

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