Bike Patrol

Doylestown Township Bike Patrol
The Doylestown Township Bike Patrol was established in 2012 with the primary purpose to patrol township parks, business districts and residential neighborhoods in a way that cars and officers on foot cannot.  The Bike Patrol is an important part of Public Safety for several reasons: bicycles allow the officers the advantage of being able to hear and see things as if they are on foot, but also have the speed and ability to respond to locations within the township which are not readily accessible by vehicles.  Another advantage of being on a bike is the accessibility to the members of the community. Having officers on bikes has improved our personal relationships and made them more approachable than officers in moving cars.

All members of the Bike Patrol must receive a 40 hour initial basic training course. The course is taught by a certified International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) instructor. During the initial basic training, officers receive training on: bicycle maintenance, riding skills, equipment maintenance, and bicycle patrol tactics.    Specifically, some of the things members of the Bike Patrol learn are: repairing a flat tire, riding up and down steps, proper helmet fit and slow riding maneuvers.  After the initial basic training officers will train daily to stay sharp in their riding skills.

Current Bike Patrol:
Ofc. Patrick Furlong
Ofc. Jared Courts