Fee Schedule

The following fees apply to items that are available for purchase at the police station during normal business hours:

Accident Report :  $15.00

Accident reconstruction report:  $100.00

Accident photographs:  $15.00 each

Alarm users:  $25.00 (one time fee)

Alarm suppliers: $35.00 (annually)

Alarm penalty fee (false/accidental alarms with police response, assessed for 12 month period):

     5 to 10 false alarms:  $50.00 per alarm

     11 to 15 false alarms:  $100.00 per alarm

     16 or more false alarms:  $150.00 per alarm

Copies of photographs:  $15.00 (each 8″ x 10″)

Criminal history Information check: $15.00     Note: this fee is for a check of the Doylestown Township Police Department records ONLY – for a criminal history check of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, contact the Pennsylvania State Police P.A.T.C.H. system by clicking here.

Fingerprinting:  $15.00

Police report (U.I.R. letter):  $15.00