Statement on the Arrest of Corporal Clifford Horn

The Central Bucks Regional Police Commission, including the Boroughs of Chalfont, Doylestown and New Britain; Chief Karl Knott, and the men and women of the Central Bucks Regional Police Department are encouraging a thorough investigation surrounding the allegations and arrest of Corporal Clifford Horn.  Investigations are taking place in multiple jurisdictions across two states.  At this time, investigations are in the early stages.

The Police Commission and CBRPD hold in profound regard not only a police officer’s commitment to uphold the law but also their commitment to law enforcement’s code of ethics and conduct in the community.

At an Emergency Executive Session last night, the Police Commission directed Chief Karl Knott to place Corporal Clifford Horn on suspension from the Central Bucks Regional Police Department without pay effective immediately. This directive will be ratified at the next public meeting.