CBRPD policies are in compliance with the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission and have been vetted by the Delaware Valley Insurance Trust Civil Rights Attorney and the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office.  Policies will be available through this portal as they are cleared for public posting over the next several months.  Policies that are tactical in nature with the potential to place officers or the public in harms’ way or jeopardize investigative procedures will not be posted.

PDF icon Directive 1.1.1 Oath of Office/Code of EthicsPDF icon Directive 1.1.3 Mission StatementPDF icon Directive 1.1.4 Vision StatementPDF icon Directive 1.1.5 Value StatementPDF icon Directive 1.1.6 Leadership PhilosophyPDF icon Directive 1.2.1 Statutory RequirementsPDF icon Directive 1.2.2 Constitutional RequirementsPDF icon Directive 1.4.1 Command Protocol and ProceduresPDF icon Directive 1.4.3 Written Directive SystemPDF icon Directive 1.6.1 Fiscal ManagementPDF icon Directive 1.8.1B Inspectional ServicesPDF icon Directive 1.8.2 Anti-HarassmentPDF icon Directive 1.8.3 Bias Based PolicingPDF icon Directive 2.4.2 Mobile RecordersPDF icon Directive 3.1.21 Supervision of DetaineesPDF icon Directive 3.4.1 Records Management and Field ReportingPDF icon Directive 3.7.1 Fitness and Wellness ProgramPDF icon directive_4.1.1_crashes_and_crash_reports.pdfPDF icon directive_4.3.1_missing_children.pdfPDF icon directive_4.4.1_mandatory_fingerprinting.pdfPDF icon directive_4.5.1_responsibilities_to_crime_victims.pdfPDF icon directive_4.6.1_reporting_suspected_child_abuse.pdfPDF icon directive_4.9.1_municipal_police_education_and_training.pdfPDF icon directive_4.11.1_right_to_know.pdfPDF icon directive_4.12.1_uniform_crime_reporting.pdfPDF icon directive_7.1.1_court_attendance.pdfPDF icon directive_7.13.1_traffic_administration.pdfPDF icon directive_7.13.2_traffic_safety.pdfPDF icon directive_7.13.3_traffic_direction_and_control.pdfPDF icon directive_7.14.3_animal_control.pdfPDF icon directive_7.15.1_mutual_aid_with_local_state_and_federal_agencies.pdfPDF icon directive_7.18.1_commendations.pdf