Police Commission

The Police Commission is comprised of elected officials from the municipalities of the Boroughs of Chalfont, Doylestown, and New Britain.

2018 Police Commission Members

Ron Strouse, Chairman (Doylestown)
John Abbott, Vice Chairman (Chalfont)
Peter LaMontagne, Secretary (New Britain)
Jack O'Brien (Doylestown)
Brian Wallace (Chalfont)
Robyne Kelemen (New Britain)
Noni West, Alternate (Doylestown)
John Engel, Alternate (Chalfont)
David Holewinski, Alternate (New Britain)

2018 Police Commission Meetings - Meetings are open to the public.  The meetings are held at 7:00 PM (except Jan/Feb 7:30 PM).  Venues are as follows (CB) Chalfont Borough, 40 N. Main Street, Chalfont, PA 18914; (DB) Doylestown Borough, 57 W. Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901; and (NBB) New Britain Borough Burkhart Hall, 45 Keeley Avenue, New Britain, PA 18901.

Jan 18 (CB)
Feb 8 (DB)
Mar 26 (NBB)
Apr 23 (DB)
May 24 (CB)
Jun 25 (NBB)
Jul 23 (DB)
Aug 27 (CB)
Sep 24 (NBB)
Oct 22 (DB)
Nov 26 (NBB)
Dec 20 (CB)