Chief Knott's Letter to the Community

On behalf of myself and the members of the Central Bucks Regional Police Department, as law enforcement professionals and human beings, we are saddened and disturbed by the actions of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd. This unjust incident is not reflective of the values of this Department. It is against the fundamentals of our mission to serve the community with the highest professionalism in police services.

During this time of civil unrest, we want you to know we are working proactively with County, State, and neighboring police agencies to ensure your safety.  We remain committed to protecting your constitutional rights while safeguarding life and property.

CBRPD works tirelessly to build and maintain community trust. This Department remains committed to providing safety and security to all members of our community. We are further committed to continual assessment and critiquing of our policies, training and procedures to ensure they remain in line with best practices of a professional police department.  CBRPD officers have been trained in crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques, and cultural awareness in addition to hundreds of hours of other training and extensive supervisory/leadership training. If our officers resort to use of force in an incident, it is thoroughly reviewed and investigated including body-camera footage and in-car video recordings. Any and all complaints we may receive are rigorously reviewed and investigated. It is against our policy that any officer should stand by idly while another acts outside the values of this Department.

I am confident of the integrity and ability of the men and women of this Department and how they perform their duties each day. Be assured that CBRPD officers are always mindful to treat everybody with dignity and respect.

We want to express our sincere gratitude for the critically important support, show of continued trust, and collaboration we are receiving from our community. We remain privileged to serve you.

Karl Knott
Chief of Police