Got the Stolen Car...Help Us Find the Suspects!



Check out this video – three suspects stopped at the Wawa in Horsham after taking off with a stolen vehicle from Doylestown Borough.  Two of suspects are pictured in the video. One suspect goes by the name “Reese” and it is believed that at least one suspect is known in the Warrington area. Here’s what happened - Suspects burglarized a residence on W. Court Street on October 1, 2020, during the overnight hours, by removing the window air conditioner and climbing into the apartment. The suspects took the victim’s car keys, left the residence through the front door and stole the victim’s vehicle.  The vehicle is described as a 2019 Toyota Rav 4, displaying the name “TomTom” in large letters on both sides of the vehicle, and containing expensive electronic equipment – both vehicle and equipment total approximately $125,000. Suspects traveled down Route 611, stopped at Wawa in Horsham and continued on to Philadelphia. The vehicle was recovered in Philadelphia the same night. If you can identify any of these suspects or have information about this incident, please contact Detective Dave Jenkins at 215-345-4143 or “Submit a Tip” by clicking on the link below.

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Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 1:45am

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