Bucks County Straw Purchase Case Wins FBI Commendation

Deputy District Attorney Antonetta Stancu, a Bensalem Township Police detective and members of the Office of Attorney General’s Gun Violence Task Force received FBI commendations last week for the investigation and prosecution of a weapons trafficker in Bucks County.

Their hard work and dedication landed Bristol Township man Noah Dratfield in state prison for up to six years, with another three years of probation to follow.

He was charged in 2017 after making a series of suspicious gun purchases.

As evidence mounted against him at a bench trial in August, Dratfield pleaded guilty to making false statements on forms during gun purchases and tampering with public records. On both state and federal forms, Dratfield falsely claimed he was buying the guns for himself and provided an incorrect address and place of birth.

He came to the attention of law enforcement after his repeated cash purchases of weapons roused the suspicions of gun shop employees, including a retired police officer.

Once alerted, members of the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, Bensalem Township Police and the Office of Attorney General worked together with federal investigators to bring Dratfield’s straw purchases to a swift end.

"It was an honor to be recognized alongside the talented state, local and federal law enforcement officers who worked together in this matter," Stancu said. “This teamwork with our law enforcement partners helped remove firearms from the hands of those who legally shouldn’t have them.”

Contact: Antonetta Stancu, 215.348.6340, astancu@buckscounty.org