Bucks County police warn of person who has entered 1,000 vehicles in past year

In the past year, a person or group of persons is believed to be behind about a thousand unlawful entries into vehicles throughout Bucks County and parts of New Jersey. 

The spree has targeted just about every municipality in the mid-upper to mid-lower parts of the county, officials say, from Hilltown Township to Yardley. And, officials say, the spree has extended into western New Jersey.

Police are warning vehicle owners to lock their vehicles because, so far, only unlocked vehicles have been entered during the spree, which began as far back as September 2019.

Often striking several vehicles a night in multiple neighborhoods and developments, a person captured on home security cameras or seen by witnesses has been linked because of the same clothing description: a black sweat suit, dark-colored gaiter mask, gloves and white and orange Nike sneakers.

The person is known to wear a satchel-style bag slung across the shoulder, which is used to stash the stolen goods. Police say items like vehicle registration and insurance cards, credit cards and loose change have been stolen from vehicles, as have smaller items like pens and sunglasses.

Surveillance video shows the person fleeing the scene with a distinct style of walking and running. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact their local police department or Buckingham Township Detective Timothy Johnson 215-794-8812, ext. 246 or by email at tjohnson@buckinghampa.org.