The Bristol Borough Police Department was first organized in 1888. One hundred and twenty-seven years later, we can only imagine how the beginning days were for those early protectors of our town. However, we do not have to look back that far to see the many changes that have occurred, not only in law enforcement, but to the Police Department itself.

Our Police Officers have received extensive training in many areas of crime fighting, including Drug Identification & Interdiction, Interview & Interrogation, Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, Crowd Control, Explosive Devices, Crime Scene Photography & Evidence Collection and the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer. Our Sergeants have attended supervisory schools to enhance their skills as First Line Supervisors and they have played a tremendous role in the overall supervision of our sixteen officer department.

How we do our job as Police Officers has also changed throughout the years. We have expanded our options in non-lethal weaponry to include stun guns, pepper spray, and most recently the TASER. Patrolling techniques, scheduling modifications and the creation of alternative methods to combat areas of increased criminal activity and quality of life issues, such as the Squad 5 Detail, have all contributed to our proactive course of keeping Bristol Borough safe for residents and visitors.