Pennridge School Resource Officer Program

Started through a state grant, this program utilizes a pro-active approach by police in identifying and assisting potential juvenile offenders with better behavioral choices.  Officers spend time weekly in the high school and the two junior high schools providing intervention services to students identified as at risk or in need of additional supervision.  Additionally, the officers assist the school with truancy cases and in the identification of youths and families in need of assistance.  

Youth Aid Panel (YAP)

The Youth Aid Panel is a successful alternative program for first time juvenile offenders.  Designed to defer juvenile cases from being adjudicated through the traditional juvenile court system, the YAP is a viable alternative for children who have made a singular error in judgment.  Offending children report to the YAP during scheduled meetings before panel members.  The volunteer panel of adults from the community preside over the cases, allowing the first-time juvenile offender to take responsibility for their actions.  This often takes the form of restitution to victims, formal apology letters and community service.  These are in lieu of criminal charges through juvenile court.  The child must admit their wrongdoing and accept the terms of the Youth Aid Panel without argument or their case is remanded to juvenile court.  When all YAP requirements are completed to the satisfaction of the panel, the case is treated as if there was no criminal arrest.

Directed Patrol Program

This program was developed to enhance responsiveness to specific areas of community concern.  Focusing on locations identified by citizen complaints, observed criminal activity and other safety concerns, these "hot spots" are given extra attention by police patrols as workload permits.  Directed patrols include motor vehicles, bicycle, or foot patrols by officers.  A list of Directed Patrol locations are distributed regularly to officers and updated as hot spots arise and are resolved.  These patrols have proven to be an effective tool in suppression of criminal activity, prevention of future problem behaviors, and enhancing traffic safety throughout Perkasie and Sellersville.

Motorcycle Patrol

Since its purchase in 2004, the department's Harley-Davidson police motorcycle has been a valuable patrol asset.  The motorcycle has been used for regular patrol, including traversing the park system and at community special events.  Five officers have completed a strenuous two-week training program to operate the motorcycle as a police vehicle.  One of the unique skills mastered in training is riding in tight formation with other motorcyclists, which is essential when riding with officers from other departments. 

Perkasie Police is part of the Tri-County Motor Unit, a collection of over seventeen police departments who contribute their motorcycles and riders for special events such as VIP escorts, skills exhibitions, police funerals, and charity events throughout the year.  For example, the Unit delivers  meals every Thanksgiving all over southeastern Pennsylvania to the families of fallen police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.

Bicycle Patrol Program

The bicycle has been found to be an effective means to patrol parks, alleys and other less travelled thoroughfares.  It has offered increased flexibility in the areas of patrol and service to the community.  Officers assigned to the bicycle patrol duties have received specialized training unique to police bicycle operations and tactics.

Central Bucks Special Response Team

Over 18 jurisdictions from central and northern Bucks County have joined together to form a highly trained and specially equipped group of officers.  The team includes numerous tactical officers and a contingent of crisis negotiators.  CBSRT will quickly respond to high-risk incidents, disasters, or warrant service on dangerous individuals throughout central and northern Bucks.  Over the years, the CBSRT has honorably handled situations almost every member jurisdiction.