CASE UPDATE: Assault Landis Market



CASE UPDATE:  We have received many tips from citizens and we believe we have a suspect in the case. Officers are working on the case and developing your tips! Thank you for all your tips and information to help us solve this assault. 

On July 25th 2021 at around 4pm the Pennridge Regional Police Department responded to Landis Supermarket for a reported assault in the store. Upon arrival of officers it was found that a 37 year old female was assaulted by an older male. The male entered the store following a road rage incident on N. Main St. and Church Road at the traffic light. According to the victim the male was operating a white colored sedan, unknown make and pulled out in front of her. The victim stated she honked her horn at the vehicle and both vehicles entered the parking lot of the Landis Supermarket. The victim entered the store and began to shop, when the male suspect entered the store, it appears on store surveillance that he is actively looking for the victim. When he finds the female he approaches her and a loud verbal argument occurred. The male then struck the female in the stomach and fled the store on foot. The male is described as being white, in his 60’s, with thinning hair, medium build, wearing glasses and a face mask. The male dressed in a dark green Nike tank top with dark colored shorts, white socks and black sneakers. It is believed that the male lives in the area of the supermarket. The attached photographs are not clear but we are hoping someone may recognize the male. If you are familiar with the male or may have witnessed the incident either in Landis or at the intersection please contact Pennridge Regional Police at 215-257-5104 or Officer Samantha Adams at

Sunday, July 25, 2021 - 4:00pm

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