Theft from auto/firearm and Theft of a dirt bike

Northampton Township Police are investigating the theft of a firearm from a truck parked in the driveway of a residence on Bruce Drive. Police are also investigating the theft of a dirt bike from a shed in the yard of a residence on Woodlake Drive. Although the thefts were committed at two separate residences, the proximity and timeline for the two crimes appears to make the crimes connected.  The crimes were committed between 1130 pm on Sunday, October 27, 2019 and 6am, Monday, October 28, 2019.  

In the first reported incident, Northampton Township Police responded to a residence on Woodlake Drive to investigate the attempted theft of a dirt bike. Residents were awakened by the sound of what they believed to be a chainsaw being started outside of a bedroom window. When the residents checked, they found their 2017 red and black SSR/SR125 dirt bike toppled near the side of the house. The dirt bike had been removed from an unsecure shed in the rear of the property.  Police secured the area and conducted a search of the area with the assistance of a K9 from a neighboring police department. Police remained in the area until 1am, but were unable to locate suspects. The owner returned the dirt bike to the shed.

Police were called to return to the residence where the attempted theft occurred at 6am, Monday morning, October 28, 2019 after a resident of the house got up to let their dog out and discovered the shed door open and the same dirt bike now missing.  Police searched the area again and processed the crime scene.  

While searching the area for evidence, security cameras and witnesses, Police were made aware that a resident on Bruce Drive had a 9mm handgun stolen from an unlocked truck parked in the drive way of the residence. The owner of the truck had already left for work and police were unable to process the theft scene. The owner reported that the weapon was unloaded and secured in a car safe. The owner also reported that there was no ammunition for the gun, in the truck.

Police are asking if anyone saw anything unusual in the area during the times indicated, to please report the information to Northampton Township Police by submitting a tip to Crimewatch, or calling police at 215-357-8700.

Incident Date: 
Sunday, October 27, 2019 - 11:55pm

Incident Type:

Reference ID: 
54-19-17032 (Dirt Bike) 54-19- 17111 (gun)


Bruce Drive
Woodland Drive
Holland, PA 18966