UPDATE from the Chief's Office

To our Residents and Stakeholders:

As we are completing our second week of self-isolation, I wanted to update you on our township and what your police officers have been reporting.  First, it is obvious that Buckingham Residents are taking this health emergency very seriously.  Generally, we are seeing very light traffic conditions, limited gatherings, and responsible business practices.  The amount of traffic is a great indicator of adherence to Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home Order.  Our call volume is another indicator.  Calls for service are down significantly.  At essential businesses we are seeing people using social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  For all of these reasons I would like to thank you all for doing your part.

As a police department we have been doing similar things to limit our exposure.  As essential township employees, we are required to come to work day after day.  The men and women of the Buckingham Police Department leave their families each day with great commitment to their duty as police officers.  Our officers have dramatically changed our strategy in order to field a viable work force.  We need a healthy police department in order to answer all emergencies today and in the future.  The officers are providing service without the same personal connection that we are used to.  Rest assured this will be temporary.  As a service-oriented police department, we are remaining flexible in order to maintain resident and first responder health. 

As always, never hesitate to call if you see anything suspicious or worrisome.  Violations of the law still occur and our citizens are still the best at assisting the police with timely reporting.  With your help Buckingham is among the safest places to live in Pennsylvania.

Thank you for your support and well-wishes during this difficult time.  Our police department stands ready to serve our township.  We will keep working together to defeat this health threat until we can go back to living our lives as we always did.  I know we will be a stronger community after this battle. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Mike Gallagher, Chief of Police