Would you like a Ofc. Plum T-shirt or Sweatshirt?

We currently have a limited supply of t-shirts/$25 and sweatshirts/$45 available for sale. (XXXL are an additional $5)

We are working hard to get the online store up and running for the public. As of now, we are still conducting in-person purchases only. If you have not purchased items yet and are looking to do so, you can this Sunday, July 24th from 10AM until 12PM at Warrington Township Police Department. (2330 Lower Barness Road, Warrington Pa 18976) We will be accepting cash and checks ONLY.

If you have an existing order that was already placed, it has been fulfilled. Please pick-up your order Sunday, July 24th from 10AM until 12PM at the Warrington Township Police Department.

The proceeds will go directly to the Plum Family. As always, The Warrington Township Police Department and the Plum family appreciate your support.