What Box???!!

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of Easton Road and Bristol Road while making a left turn and wondered how do I safely get out of this intersection?    You are not alone.  There is always that one intersection.  It’s the one drivers will go out of their way to avoid because it’s a pain.

When a motorist sees a sign stating Do Not Block the Box think “Do not block an intersection”.

This tactic is designed to improve traffic flow.  When a driver enters an intersection and is unable to travel all the way through, they impede cross traffic movement block crosswalks.  This is a danger to other travelers.  Not only the crosswalk but bike lanes are also blocked.

Motorists, even if rushed, need to remember that blocking the Box  (Intersection) is unsafe, illegal and causes traffic congestion.

Warrington has two main locations where the Box is frequently blocked: Bristol Road and Stuckert Road near Easton Road (Rt. 611). The Township painted lines in a box at that intersection to remind drivers not to block the intersection. 

The second location especially affects our police department and public safety. Lower Barness Road is blocked by cars especially when Titus Elementary school is opening.  Motorists need to be reminded that Police  egress to answering calls for help is this driveway off of Lower Barness Road.  Sometimes when the Township’s driveway access is blocked, the police have to clear traffic which delays response to an emergency.

Chief Friel reminds residents that stopping in an intersection or crossing is a violation of the PA Motor Vehicle Code and could subject drivers to fines and court cost around $142.00.  The Board of Supervisors will soon consider an ordinance to authorize the placement of signs at these two locations.