Warrington Police Hire their 34th officer

Warrington Township continues to grow and the police are trying to keep up with demands.  The new police building is underway and the department just hired their 34th officer.  Please help us welcome Officer Nathan Coia to the police force.  Officer Coia lives in the area growing up in Doylestown and is a long time volunteer firefighter with the Doylestown Fire Company.  He is also an Emergency Medical Technician having worked for the Central Bucks Ambulance.  Officer Coia graduated from Temple University Police Academy in the spring of 2019.  He was in the Temple graduating class with our very own Officer Adrienne Rodriguez.  We want to thank the honorable Judge Jean Seaman for coming out to the Board of Supervisors meeting to swear in Officer Coia.  We would also like to thank Chief Lee Greenberg, Director of emergency Services for sharing his time with us on the Emergency Services night at the Board of Supervisors meeting, so Officer Coia could get sworn in.  The police force has been adding about one new officer position a year as part of their long term comprehensive planning.  Welcome to Warrington Township Officer Coia!