Theft from Vehicles

The Warrington Township Police are investigating several reported thefts of catalytic converters from unattended vehicles left parked in parking lots. The area's targeted were all in busy parking lots,  The EDGE FITNESS CLUB at 100 Easton Road vehicle was a 2000 Honda Accord- DOYLESTOWN WELLNESS CENTER at 847 Easton Road vehicle was a 2001 Honda Accord - T MOBILE at 1529 Main Street 2001 Honda Accord. All the vehicles appear to be Honda's but may be expanded to include other makes and models. When parking any vehicle in a public parking area it is suggested the area chosen to park in is covered by a security camera or exceptionally high pedestrian traffic in the area to possibly thwart any attempt to remove parts from the vehicle. The Warrington Township Police request that anyone with any information on these crimes contact the police at 215-343-3311 OR SUPPLY A TIP VIA THIS CRIME WATCH ALERT all information will be confidential. If activity such as vehicle maintenance by people working on a vehicle in a public parking area is observed, report the activity to the police  immediately. For a quick police response phone the Bucks County Police Communication Center at - 215-328-8502.