Officer Aaron Menzies becomes first Warrington Officer certified as a Drug Recognition Expert in Warrington Police History.

Congratulations Officer Menzies on becoming certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE).  Job Well Done!

What is a Drug Recognition Expert?

A Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) is one of the highest trained officers in the area detecting an impaired person.  The certification is granted through the International Association of the Chiefs of Police.  To be certified as a DRE, 72 hours of DRE training, and 40 hours of certification evaluations were completed, as well as a comprehensive final examination.  This is in addition to multiple pre-requisite trainings.   Through a standardized and systematic 12 step process, the DRE will evaluate a person/driver to determine if they are impaired and by which of the seven DECP drug categories.  Additionally, the DRE will determine through indicators and observations if the person is mentally impaired. 

DRE’s have been used for cases of impaired drivers (DUI), traffic crash’s as well as crimes involving state of mind investigations (i.e. sexual assault, homicide etc.).  DRE’s can be used for community service to assist addicted person’s, help in a school setting with troubled youth, and education.  To maintain the certification, a DRE is required to instruct and attend continuing education.

Officer Menzies graduated on May 22, 2019 with class #20 sponsored by the Pennsylvania DUI Association.  The DRE program in Pennsylvania was first started in 2004. 

Currently there are 190 certified DRE’s in a the state of Pennsylvania.  102 are Pennsylvania State Police members and 88 are Municipal Police Officers from 73 different agencies.