Ground Breaking Day Tops off a big week for Warrington Police!

We kicked off the ceremony shortly after 11:00 am.  Chief Friel opened the ceremony and said that " We have planned and designed a new state-of-the-art police facility which is the largest Municipal building project in the Township's history".  The chief also went into a little history about the 6 different concepts for new building, additions, and/or renovations over the past 20 years.  The site that was chosen for this project ended up being the very first concept back in 1999.  "We did not know this at first", Chief Friel said.  The new facility will feature a "hoteling office" for collaboration with outside agencies, in-house training center, and a state of the art evidence processing center.  The carports are made up of solar panels that will produce energy to offset the costs to power this new facility.  We were joined today by a representative from Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick's office, Senator Maria Collett, State Representative Todd Polinchock, our entire Board of Supervisors (Fred Gaines, Ruth Schemm, Shirley Yannich, Carol Baker, and Eileen Albillar) and the Honorable Judge Jean Seaman.  

Stay tuned for more updates on our building progress and we cant wait for the building dedication late summer / early fall of 2020!