Community Support lawn signs are now Available at the Police Station. We listened and acted on our community's request for these.

At the request of many of our residents and local businesses in town we had "Support Warrington Police" signs made up.  They are here at the police station and free to all that want one.  The signs were paid for by community donations to the police department specifically.  If you can...we would ask for a small donation of $10.00  which is the cost to make the sign and help us replenish our supplies when we run short.  Again they are free to anyone!

We cant thank our wonderful Warrington Community enough for all of their kinds words, thoughts, and gestures.  It means a lot to all of the dedicated and hard working Warrington police officers serving this wonderful community.    

"Police and Community Work Together Here".  

You can come by anytime you want if you want to pick up a lawn sign.

Thank You to our community for this wonderful idea and your thoughtfulness.