4th Annual Police Awards Ceremony

Chief Friel held the 4th annual Recognition Awards Ceremony at the Board of Supervisors meeting last evening.  "It is the one time of year these officers get public recognition for their accomplishments and actions that went above and beyond the call of duty"!

Some of the highlights are as follows:

Officer's Peranteau, Hackman, Blanchard, Aita, Krysick and Sergeant Fuller were commended for saving the life of a resident actively attempting suicide and deescalating a volatile situation after this resident wanted police to kill him.  

Detective Don Lee was commended for the investigation and successful prosecution of a challenging case where a bus driver was sexually assaulting special needs adults with intellectual limitations.

Officers Menzies, Moldavskiy, Crescenzo, and Acting Corporal Bloomingdale were commended for their actions which led to the arrest of a reckless DUI suspect whose accomplice attempted robbery, assault, and theft from a Township resident.

Lieutenant Gottenberg was commended for his K-9 staff study and subsequent implementation and successful fundraising campaign.

Sergeant Stebner was commended for his staff study and reorganization of the evidence room and the successful investigation and prosecution of child sexual predator. 

Officer Hackman was recognized for his actions responding to a residential house fire, he entered the residence, found and assisted the home owner out of the residence to safety.

Warrington Officers were also given several ribbons of recognition for their individual accomplishments and achievements.

Job Well Done!