Retail Theft,Forgery, Receiving Stolen Property



The Warrington Township Police are investigating the report of a counterfeit twenty dollar bills being used in a transaction by three black females all approximately five foot two inches - five foot six inches tall - one of the girls having bright RED hair and the other two were wearing night caps. All were in their early twenties.It was reported that upon entering the store they went to the rear of the store and appeared to be in a hurry while gathering their purchases - which totaled one thousand forty-four dollars and eighteen cents. When the females went to pay they presented all twenty dollar bills - management checked the first three twenty dollar bills which checked out fine - but management was distracted by other customers and was unable to check the remaining twenty dollar bills which later proved to be counterfeit and by this time the females had left the store for a parked car at the rear of Staples. The counterfeit money was documented and supplied to the Secret Service for follow up investigation.

Police request that anyone with any information on this crime contact the Warrington Township Police Department at 215-343-3311 or submit a tip via this CRIME WATCH Alert.  An update will be sent once we get pictures of the persons involved from the store.

Friday, March 29, 2019
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