Indecent Assault Suspect



Warrington Township Police are seeking the above subject in reference to an indecent assault that occurred on 8/16/18 at Target.

A 15 year old female reports she was groped by the actor. While reviewing surveillance footage of the incident, the suspect was observed groping an unidentified second juvenile female.

The suspect is believed to have left the scene in the silver windowless van seen in the photographs.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect or investigating similar incidents, please contact Warrington Township Police. Thank you.

UPDATE: The suspect in this incident has been identified. The investigation is ongoing and we are still attempting to identify a second female juvenile victim that was with an adult female in the cosmetics aisle at approximately 2:39 PM on August 15, 2018 when she was assaulted as well.

Monday, August 20, 2018 - 12:00am

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