Press release 21-001 Bucks Co DA arrest of James Carey

Warminster Police Press Release

April 7, 2021

Bucks County District Attorney

Arrest of James Carey

On May 20, 2020, Warminster Police were contacted about possible criminal activity involving James Carey. This criminal information referenced James Carey as a former officer of Warminster Township, the department forwarded this information to the Bucks County District Attorney’s Detective Division, for criminal investigation to ensure there would be no conflict of interest. James Carey worked for Warminster Township from May 1989, until his separation from service in May of 2009. Today, April 7, 2021, we were informed of a Bucks County Grand Jury presentment and arrest of James Carey for Involuntary Deviate Sexual intercourse, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Statutory Sexual Assault, Aggravated Indecent Assault, Corruption of Minors, Indecent Assault and Official Oppression.

The victimization of anyone, particularly children, is a horrific and cowardly act. Warminster Police strive to protect all persons from being victimized. The crimes described in this presentment, if proven, betrays that trust and scar not only the victims, their families, and our community, but also leave an indelible stain on our Police Department.

We express our gratitude to the victims and witnesses of this case, for having the strength and courage to come forward and speak about these allegations. We encourage any others, who have been subjected to, have knowledge of or witnessed abuse, to please contact the Bucks County District Attorney office to have your voices heard, so that healing can begin. The Bucks County Detectives can be contacted via phone at (215) 348-6504 or through their Crimewatch page at

Furthermore, we would like to thank District Attorney, Matt Weintraub and his staff of Attorneys and Detectives for the outstanding compassion, diligence, and dedication that they exhibited while conducting this investigation.

Please remember if you are a victim, help is here for you. Please contact your local police agency or advocacy center to guide you through the options available for you. To contact any Bucks County Police department please call 911. For local county advocacy agencies please call Bucks County office of Network of Victim Assistance (NOVA) at their 24-hour hotline 1-800-675-6900 or on their webpage at


Chief James C Donnelly III

Warminster Township Police