Police Blotter October 24, 2022 to October 30, 2022

Warminster Township Police Department -Arrests and Notable Incidents Blotter:

Period 10/24/22 to  10/30/2022

WT-22-12050 Driving Under the Influence Arrest

Police stopped a vehicle for traffic violation(s) in the area of Norristown Road and Countyline Road.  After investigating further, the operator, a 58 Year Old Female from Warminster was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. 

WT-22-09179 Simple Assault Arrest

After Completing an investigation Police charged a 25 Year Old Male from Warminster with Simple Assault and related offenses after they initially responded to an incident on Brennan Drive. 

WT-22-12642 Protection from Abuse Order Violation     

On 10/22/2022 Police received a call regarding a violation of a court ordered Protection from Abuse order.  After investigation a 39 Year Old Female from New Jersey was charged with the violation of said order. 

WT-22-11727 Leaving the Scene of a Traffic Accident   

After an investigation was completed, Police charged a 42 Year Old Male from Warminster with Leaving the scene of an auto accident after it was determined he struck another vehicle and did not stay on scene of said accident which is required by law. 

WT-22-12796 Access Device Fraud / Drug Possession Arrest

On 10/25/2022 Police responded to the TD Bank for a subject attempting to cash a fraudulent check.  Police found the 56 Year Old Male from Philadelphia in the area and after investigation took the subject into custody and charged him with access device fraud.  Search incident to arrest the subject was also found to be in possession of illegal narcotics and drug paraphernalia.  

WT-22-08260 Simple Assault Arrest          

On 10/26/2022 at 1206hrs Police responded to the Speedway section of the township for a reported disturbance. After investigation a 34 male from Warminster was charged with Simple assault and Harassment. 

WT-22-11415 Retail Theft Arrest    

After completing an investigation, Police charged a 34 Year Old Male from Coplay PA with the theft of the items from the Walmart Store on 9/25/2022. 

WT-22-12890 Retail Theft Arrest    

On 10/27/2022 at approximately 3:29PM Police responded to the Ross Department Store for a reported retail theft.  Police charged a 25 Year Old Male from Philadelphia PA with the theft of the items.

WT-22-11895 Criminal Mischief

After an investigation was completed a 17 Year Old Male from Hatboro was charged with Criminal Mischief to a vehicle.

WT-22-12741 Theft of Generator Investigation

Police responded out and took the report of a theft of an electric generator from a business on the 1100 block of York Road. 


** Community Awareness:

**** Making a Police Report or Speaking with an Officer Involving an Incident:

If you need to make a police report, report a crime in progress or that has recently occurred and/or speak with an Officer in regard to a situation, you can dial 911 for emergencies or 215-672-1000 for our non-emergency dispatcher 24 hours a day.

The Crime Watch site “Contact Us Form” and the citizen contact form are for general administrative questions and general information request, not for dispatching or making reports. Please be aware these contact form accounts are not continuously monitored and therefore there can be a delay in getting a response or having an officer address a situation. 

****As many residents are aware a drug collection box is located at the Police Department (401 Gibson Ave, Warminster PA) for the convenience of township residents.  This drop box allows residents to safely and securely dispose of old prescription and over the counter medications.  The box is located in our 24 hour Police Lobby.  Residence should read the warning label on the front of the drop box to ensure they are only leaving approved items. These items are collected and then properly disposed of by Police.