De-escalation and CIT training help Officer resolve an incident on October 1, 2020

On October 1, 2020, at approximately 6:30 pm Officers of the Warminster Police department responded to a residence for a report of a subject in emotional and mental distress. Further information provided to officers, advised that the subject in distress, was armed with a large kitchen knife and looking to harm herself. Upon arrival and over the course of the hour-long incident, Warminster officers utilized their de-escalation and crisis intervention training to help the subject and resolve this incident without injury.

In 2017, Warminster Police, identified de-escalation techniques as an important part of the future of policing. De-escalation is a method of attempting to diffuse difficult verbal and/or physical interactions and encounters with citizens, with the goal of using the minimum level of force necessary to effect a resolution. Crisis Intervention training (CIT) is a specialized police curriculum that aims to reduce the risk of serious injury or death during an emergency interaction, between persons showing mental distress and officers. Officers received regular and timely training in de-escalation and CIT, from both departmental and county instructors, as well as other professional organizations. Since adding de-escalation tactics to the officers toolbelt, they have become an invaluable tool. Since then Warminster Police have emphasized de-escalation in order to help prevent tragic situations and promote safety in the community.

Attached is various segments of the hour-long incident, piece together, in order to show how Warminster Police used their de-escalation and crisis intervention education, and training, to fully understand the subjects needs and desired intent. Finally, the officer’s professionalism, in this stressful situation, helped calm the situation and lead to a successful resolution. 

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