Superbowl Sunday DUI Patrols

Through a grant from the Bucks County DUI Task Force, USPD will have extra officers patrolling our roadways on Super Bowl Sunday looking for impaired drivers.

Super Bowl Sunday has grown into a national holiday of sorts with millions of fans celebrating the pinnacle of the National Football League's season with parties and adult beverages. Unfortunately, this celebration also leads to an increase in impaired driving and associated crashes.  Fans need to be responsible and plan ahead for the big day so that their season doesn't end on a tragic note.  The Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting system shows that law enforcement officers across the State made over 3,400 impaired driving arrests during February of 2018; many of those arrests occurred during Super Bowl weekend - February 2 - February 4.  

The members of USPD ask motorists to utilize sound judgement and to plan accordingly - there is never an excuse for impaired driving.