Newtown Rail Trail Update

Please see the below release in regards to the progress of the Newtown Rail Trail.

Dear Residents:

We are excited too!  The Newtown Rail Trail is coming to fruition!

We recognize that there is a great deal of interest in the construction of the Newtown Rail Trail extending from County Line Road to Bristol Road in Upper Southampton Township.

However, all residents are reminded that the Newtown Rail Trail is NOT open to the public yet. Although construction has not begun yet, we anticipate it starting in July which will result in construction vehicles and machinery becoming active along the trail route which will pose safety concerns. We wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone advance notice of these safety concerns and to remind residents that anyone who uses the trail during the construction period is not only trespassing but is potentially placing themselves at peril. 

While we recognize that construction has not started, we would still ask that people not utilize the trail corridor at this time.

No trespassing signs will be placed along the corridor during the construction period.

If you would like more information on the Newtown Rail Trail Project, please contact the Bucks County Planning Commission at 215-345-3400 or

Thanks for your ongoing interest in the project.