Looking for Community Volunteers (BPAIR)

The Upper Southampton Township Police Department is proud to announce that we have been asked to participate in the Bensalem Police Assisting in Recovery Program (BPAIR).  The program has been in existence in Bensalem since July of 2016 and has assisted individuals who are suffering from opiate addiction problems.  The program’s aim is to get individuals seeking treatment the help they need by connecting them to a treatment provider instead of incarceration.   The program guarantees an assessment, but not necessarily a bed. 

Any adult Upper Southampton resident who is struggling with a substance abuse issue can come into the police station or contact an officer and ask for help.  The officer will then pair the individual with a volunteer (Navigator) who will accompany them to a nearby treatment center.  If the person is facing charges or has outstanding charges they won’t be eligible for this program until after adjudication.  Should the person be in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia and they are voluntarily surrendered, there will be no arrest or charges.  If the person is not a resident of Upper Southampton Township or is a juvenile they will be referred to other programs or facilities within or outside of the County.

Our agency is looking for volunteer Navigators who will be placed on an on-call basis with other Navigators to assist those individuals in need and get them an assessment.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and for further details, please contact the Department at admin@ustwp.org or 215-364-5000.