Case Update - Hit and Run Vehicle Located and Driver Identified

The Department has identified the striking vehicle and operator of this hit and run traffic accident.  The operator/owner of the vehicle is Ruslan Zdorovega from Philadelphia and the vehicle was located in the Northeast section of the city.  Zdorovega was cited for Damage to Unattended Vehicles and Careless Driving.

The Department would like to thank the owners of the victim vehicle for their assistance as well as the public’s assistance in this investigation.  Both provided valuable information which assisted us in locating the operator/owner of the striking vehicle.  #community

The Department is asking for the publics assistance in locating a vehicle which was involved in a hit and run accident on 10/21/18 at approx. 0125 hours in the 1200 block of Bristol Road.  The striking vehicle hit the rear of a Mercury sedan which was parked on the side of the roadway.  The striking vehicle then fled the scene East on Bristol Road and was not able to be located by responding officers.  Investigation into the accident has determined the striking vehicle may possibly be a 2014 BMW X5 SUV.